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Attractions Along Manhattan | Hourly Chauffeur

The attractions in New York City are endless; you will never be bored on a vacation or short visit. The nice thing about NYC is there is a little bit of everything here, so each person can find something that intrigues them. In Manhattan, you will find some of the best New York attractions; from the Empire State Building to the biggest Broadway Shows. The only issue is arriving at these locations. Mellimo Executive Transportation knows how intimidating it is to drive in the Big City. The traffic can be a nightmare, and pedestrians are always crossing the streets. Good thing Mellimo and their chauffeurs know the city like the back of their hands! Here are a few attractions that the team at Mellimo believes are must-see attractions:

Central Park

First brought to life in the mid 19th century, this huge piece of land was designed to help create a refuge from everyday life in NYC. Central Park is home to a few attractions that all tourists should see when they visit; the Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle, boat rides on the Lake, and more. Call Mellimo anytime to hire a chauffeur to take you to the beautiful oasis New Yorkers call Central Park!

Grand Central Terminal

Seen in numerous movies and TV shows, Grand Central definitely needs to be on your list of places to see. Although the 100-year-old building funnels thousands of people a day, the location itself is something to behold. The artwork and architecture make this one extraordinary marvel and the well-known features such as the four-faced clock and the Tiffany timepiece will make you feel like you are in a movie.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you’re looking to spend the day learn about the history of art, you should check out The Metropolitan Museum of Art. With over 36,000 objects, you can definitely spend hours there without seeing an item twice. Some major attractions include The Costume Institute and the Rooftop Garden, which has a spectacular view of Central Park and the Midtown skyline. Have your chauffeur from Mellimo take you to New York’s maltitude of treasures at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rockefeller Center

This enormous historic landmark built by John D. Rockefeller sees more than 350,000 visitors on a daily basis. Starting early in the morning, visitors hope to see celebrities or be able to wave to their family on live TV at the Today Show. The landmark is most popularly known as the home to the 70-foot Christmas tree that stands over the ice skating rink in December. Luckily, the views throughout the Rockefeller Center are beautiful all year round.

Chauffeur Worthy Theater District

Broadway is a true piece of New York City life. More than 13 million people go to a broadway show at one of 41 different theaters! Most of those venues are in the Theater District, and each season brings new musicals and favorites from seasons before. Make the evening special with a dinner out and a chauffeur to take you to the venue. You’d regret leaving NYC without seeing one of the best Broadway shows.

No matter what kind of attraction you are looking for, let a chauffeur from Mellimo help get you to your destination. Ride in comfort and luxury on your way to explore the different must-see attractions in Manhattan.

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