private airport transportation in a pandemic

Clean, Private Airport Transportation

Clean Private Airport Transportation: Providing Safety in an Unsafe World

The pandemic has everyone spooked. If you do have to travel, how safe is it? Do you rent a car, get rideshare, or call for private airport transportation? Any of these things weigh heavily on one’s mind, especially when you actually have to travel and can’t avoid it. What you should know about each of your options and how they work is essential to getting clean, comfortable, and safe transportation to and from the airport.

No on the Rideshare

Rideshare vehicles were great before the pandemic. Now they are not so great. That is because rideshare vehicles are not all beholden to the same CDC guidelines and rules because the vehicles are privately owned for gig entrepreneurs driving for various rideshare companies.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t get a driver that is consistently disinfecting the vehicle after every single rider. You might even get a driver that is immaculate and anal about disinfection. Yet, do you really want to take that chance? Most people in this present time probably wouldn’t. Additionally, some rideshare companies have shut down drivers and services until the virus is under better control.

Car Rental? Maybe.

Honestly, unless you plan to venture out and drive all over an unknown city with a virus on a rampage, you probably don’t need to rent a car for personal use. It’s nice to have, but not very useful right now. Most hotels provide room service and allow for food deliveries, so you wouldn’t have to leave to do that either.

Then there’s the daily cost of a rental car. It gets rather pricey after just a few days and if you aren’t driving that car every day, it’s a waste of money. These cars are very clean and they are kept very nice after every rental, but the cost isn’t worth it when you are not constantly driving the car everywhere.

Private Airport Transportation

Now, this is the way to go. You ride in style in a black car to and from the airport. The car is there when you arrive and it is always on time when you are ready to leave for the airport again. Private cars are maintained right down to the level of intense sanitation you would expect and demand for the price you pay. It is the safest mode of transportation you can hire right now and the most luxurious too.

A single driver manages the same car all the time. This means that no other driver has contact with the same vehicle so no other driver has contact with you directly or indirectly. A full disinfection and sanitation process occurs after you depart the private transportation vehicle. The driver wears gloves while handling your luggage and always wears a mask. You ride in the back of the luxury vehicle to maintain social distance. There is almost no way you can become ill with this mode of transportation and the level of care and professionalism these drivers take to make your ride safe.

Additionally, the price you pay is just for the ride between the airport and your hotel. You never pay extra for the days or hours in between like you would with a personal rental car. The price is worth the safety and comfort and the short travel distance you have between where you stay and where you disembark or board your plane.

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