Diplomatic Transportation Services in NYC

Business travelers and foreign leaders are a constant in New York City. When traveling for business to an unfamiliar city full of the hustle and bustle, you want everything to go smoothly and as planned on your schedule. For situations like this, diplomatic transportation service is your best bet to getting everywhere on time. You can find several answers that have this service in New York City. We have a good recommendation for you that you can consider.

Here at Mel Limo, we make sure you have the best travel experience whenever you come to New York. This particular service caters to international travelers who are often left confused and stressed when traveling to new places. We offer drop-offs and pick-ups at the airport, ensuring that you are always on time and in sync with your schedule in the city. This package is exceptionally flexible to address many possibilities like schedule changes, flight times changes, and passenger arrangements.


Our fleet is made up of luxurious cars, from sedans to shuttle buses, that can cater to any number of passengers traveling together. Besides, we have skilled and insured chauffeurs that are best in what they do. Rest assured that you will arrive where you need to be just as scheduled. No stress of traffic, just relax in our state of the art luxury cars and wait to step out into your accommodation. You can book a ride with us today; just send us a message.

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