Group Transport

Over the past thirty years, Mellimo has been at the forefront of luxury transportation in NYC. We have seen all the different kinds of transportation needs, and one of the most important is group transportation. Meetings, tours, and group traveling happen every day in a city as big as New York. We love meeting these new faces and showing them all the delights of our beautiful area. 

Whether you are on vacation with your friends or needing a sprinter for your coworkers, we have the right vehicle for you. Our group vehicle options range from a 4-6 passenger Escalade to a 36 passenger luxury bus! Along with having ample room for whatever it is you need it for, each of our vehicles has FREE Wi-Fi. Finish going through your presentation or plan your next stop while you are still in the vehicle! 

Over the years, we have realized how vital it is to have a quiet space to practice or go through your business presentation before a conference. This is why our luxury vehicles have privacy dividers and complimentary Wi-Fi. You can practice your pitch or speech with the rest of your coworkers and get the feedback you are looking for with interruption.

Sticking together with your group of coworkers is also important if you are in an area you are not familiar with. We know from experience that NYC can be a confusing area for those that aren’t walking or driving around the city everyday. Having everyone in the same vehicles makes a lot of the hassle of traveling easier. Check out our Sprinter Vans and other vehicles for your upcoming business trip or meeting in NYC.

The convenience of having a vehicle that everyone can fit into on your vacation is worth a lot. This way, no one will get lost, and you will all arrive on time. New York City can be overwhelmingly busy some days, so trust your personal group chauffeur to get you where you want to go. Plan out an entire day, a trip to see lady liberty, an afternoon to the American Museum of Natural History, whatever it may be – arriving together is a huge advantage for having a fun and exciting day in NYC. Call Mellimo today to learn about the group transportation offers we have!