private executive chauffeur services in NYC during the winter

Private Executive Chauffeur Services in NYC During the Winter

Top Reasons to Hire Chauffeur Services This Winter

Planning a night out this winter? Perhaps for dinner at a trendy new restaurant, followed by a Broadway show and drinks at a speakeasy. Or a morning spent shopping, with reservations for lunch at that place everyone is talking about, followed by more shopping. How about an evening at a concert, or a sporting event, or a party with friends? Consider traveling in luxury and riding with a private driver. Here are the top reasons why using chauffeur services to ride in a private car with a professional driver is the best way to get around New York City.

No More Crowded Public Transportation

Whether it’s a night out with friends and family or a business meeting across town, winter is an especially good time to hire a private chauffeur. Busses and subway cars are even more crowded when winter’s weather turns harsh. Most rideshare car drivers are woefully ill-prepared for winter driving. Hiring a professional private chauffeur service means not sharing the seat with strangers.

A Chance to Sit Back and Relax

Let the chauffeur services driver worry about things like directions, making sure there is enough gas in the tank, and maneuvering through slushy streets. Sitting in the back seat provides a chance to go over the notes from yesterday’s meeting, catch up on emails or make a phone call. All while someone else takes care of the driving.

No More Searching for a Parking Space

The struggle to find parking is real! Say goodbye to parking on the street 8 blocks away and then walking through the snow in heels. No more circling every floor of a parking garage to find that last available spot. This winter, let the chauffeur find a place to park the car instead! The professional drivers from Mellimo chauffeur services will take care of the details.

Let a Private Chauffeur be the Designated Driver

When an evening out includes cocktails, a nice glass of wine, or a couple of beers, let someone else do the driving. Chauffeur services make the best designated drivers! By hiring a professional from Mellimo the designated driver has already been decided. No need to use the rock, paper, scissors method of choosing who will drive this time. Leave the driving to someone else and arrive home safe.

The Safety of Having a Professional Driver During Wintertime

Whether it’s a trip to work, or an evening out with friends, driving on snowy streets is a white-knuckled experience that is best avoided whenever possible. Let an experienced chauffeur services driver take care of the driving. Arrive at your destination on time and with less stress.

No More Walking in the Snow Wearing Dress Shoes

Put away the galoshes and bring out the dress shoes! Half the fun of going out on the town is in the preparation. Wearing that new outfit with those to-die-for shoes. When the outside walk is only a few steps from the car to the front door, those shoes will not be trudging through the wet snow if you have chauffeur services.

Chauffeur Services Take the Stress out of Getting to the Airport

Getting to the airport is a highly stressful part of any trip. Ease that stress by riding to the airport in the back of a comfortable vehicle driven by a friendly driver. There is no better way to arrive at the airport than to pull up in a stylish luxury car. When it’s time to come home, and jet lag is taking its toll, it’s far safer to leave the driving in the capable hands of the well-trained drivers at Mellimo.

This winter, don’t stay home. Travel safely around NYC by hiring a private executive chauffeur service and ride in comfort. Get outside, enjoy the journey and arrive in style.

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