New York's Private Transportation for St. Patrick's Day

Safe Transportation in NYC during St. Patrick’s Day

Now celebrated worldwide, St. Patrick’s Day started almost 4 centuries ago as a religious feast honoring the patron saint of Ireland. The holiday falls every year on the same day: March the 17th, and this is one of the day’s few consistent verities. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated during the middle of Lent, and it has come to be associated with the enjoyment of fine food and beverage, often with a Celtic twist, and it is common, almost a custom, to lift a glass of lager in good company. This is why a professional car service providing a private transportation makes a great addition to the holiday!

The Shamrock

The Celts considered the shamrock to be a sacred plant in ancient Ireland because it was the symbol rebirth and the beginning of Spring. When the English pushed their way into Ireland, rules were made that said the Irish language and their way of life needed to change. This is where the shamrock comes into play; many of the Irish began to wear the shamrock as a symbol of their pride in their heritage.

Today, we look at the shamrock as a symbol of luck and good fortune and use its green color to decorate for the occassion. In Ireland, it’s been said that fortune smiles upon those who “drown” the shamrock. To drown, dunk the shamrock into a glass of whiskey; then drink the whisky. At the bottom is the shamrock. Toss it over your left shoulder. When downing a Shamrock, leaving the driving to the professionals means that you and your friends are free to celebrate in style!

Irish Whiskey

Celebrate the Irish holiday with an indepth tour of a whiskey distillery. Learn about the distilling process, the “whiskey wars” in Brooklyn, and, of course, taste some delightful whiskey. Wondering why whiskey is the go to drink on St. Patrick’s Day? This particular holiday lands right in the middle of Lent, which is a time when Christians refrain from indulging – like eating meat and drinking alcohol. There is an exception on this day made by the church, which means the day has been associated with drinking since the very beginning. Particularly beer and whiskey, Ireland’s native drinks.

Although celebrating with Jameson or Guinness is probably already in your furutre, remember to keep yourself and others around you safe by hiring a private transportation to and from the pubs or distilleries.  So, be RESPONSIBLE! Hire your private transportation today with Mellimo Executive Transportation.

Our Beloved Driver

Saint Patrick is beloved for having driven the snakes out of Ireland. Wherever it is you want to go on this special night, we are experienced, professional chauffeurs at a luxury transportation company committed to your comfort, safety, and pleasure. Whether you want to meet up with friends, bar hop, or enjoy a party bus, there is the perfect transportation to meet your needs.

Our fleet is comprised of sedans, SUVs, limo sprinters, and buses, so we know that there is a perfect pick for you. Have your friends ride along with you in our 36 passenger luxury bus, or keep it intimate with your special someone in the sleek luxury sedans. Enjoy the features that are available on each of the vehicles. Celebrate the traditions of Saint Patrick’s Day with style and a dramatic entrance when you arrive to the party. Experience the luxury you deserve on this widely popular holiday. Explore the customized options that Mellimo Executive transportation has to make your day even more special.

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