Sightseeing and Tours

New York has many beautiful landmarks to visit, and depending on the time of year you come to visit, there are different activities! One of the best features is Central Park. No matter the season, the pathways are welcoming and the smell of nature is around you. During winter, hop into one of our private vehicles and we can take you to the Wollman Rink; a huge ice rink for anyone to enjoy. The trees in the Spring and Fall show their beautiful colors with flower buds and autumn leaves. Definitely a great place to visit.

Another location you need to visit is the Statue of Liberty. You’ll need a ferry to get there, but Mellimo can have you at the ferry before it departs. The sightseeing and tours that Mellimo has to offer are some of the best in the business. We have been here long enough to know the value of these New York Gems and we’d love to share their beauty with you!

This colossal sculpture is located on Liberty Island, accessible by a Ferry, and one of  the most visited landmarks. Millions visit each year to see the symbol of freedom, inspiration, and hope. With those millions of people traveling to visit Lady Liberty, there are crowds, which means traffic. Waiting in traffic is not the ideal way of spending your visit, so what about private transportation? Mellimo and their team of chauffeurs have been operating in NYC for many years. They know the best routes and areas to avoid during high traffic times.

The Empire State Building is a massive 102 story building with beautiful glasswork and marble interiors. Since its creation back in 1930-1931, more than 12,000 feet of historic glass has been recreated with every minute detail.

Millions of people come through the lobby of the Empire State Building every year. When you come to visit this marvel of a building, think of Mellimo as the luxury transportation you need to arrive in style. Be dropped off in front of the building by a stylish vehicle driven by a well dressed chauffeur!

Central Park is site to see. Gorgeous grass, wildlife galore, and adventurous tours are just a few of the many activities that are hosted at central park. With open spaces large enough to fit groups of people, you can bet on seeing some of the beauty in nature from central Manhattan. 

With the many ideal activities, it can be hard to walk to each pinpoint on the map. Save time by hiring a private chauffeured service to take you from one point to the next. Central Park Zoo, the incredible arches and bridges, and the colorful leaves in the fall make this location a hot spot for many. Contact us today to reserve your day out to central park with a luxury chauffeur.