corporate chauffeur service in NYC

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Chauffeur Services in NYC

How Corporate Chauffeurs Benefit You and Your Company

Providing car service for meetings and private events takes your professionalism up to a new level. It impresses clients for a company to offer corporate chauffeur service and fleet vehicles for business. They’ll know that you are a company that offers the highest level of service available. When a company provides business vehicle fleet service for things, it says that they can rely on you to come through. As odd as it may sound, things like that are a part of the corporate environment. A great company is one thing, but a professional corporate environment says you’re dependable and detailed. Hire a corporate driver through Mellimo Transportation in NYC.

Why Hire a Corporate Chauffeur in NYC and How to Do It?

When you have a corporate meeting, use that level of professionalism to set the tone of the event. Call us for your luxury chauffeur service and meeting planner services in NYC to get your client. They’ll go with you easily after you’ve impressed them with what you offer, and an amazing experience at your event. Add to that the professional ride to and from, and it’s a slam-dunk. Here are some of the things you receive with our corporate chauffeur services.

  • VIP Phone Service
  • Tracking Service
  • 24-Hour Service

We are there for you 24 hours a day. We track your vehicle and flights. When you need us to meet you, we arrive with your ride plane-side or curbside. In fact, we meet you anywhere you need our corporate chauffeur services.

Who Can Provide Me with a Corporate Chauffeur?

Here at Mellimo Transportation in NYC, we know what you want when you hire a “luxury chauffeur company NYC style.” We’ve been in business for over two decades, serving the finest businesses in the area. They know they can count on us to get those rate quotes for limousines with the professionalism they know we offer. We provide you with the highest level of chauffeur service anywhere in the area.

Fleet Service

We offer the highest level of professional fleet service for your business. Our chauffeurs drive one of several vehicles for your ride. Here is a selection of the fleet vehicles we offer for your selection. Several have Wi-Fi available en route to your destination.

  • Cadillac XTS Luxury Sedan: Holds 3 passengers with 3 bags.
  • S Class Executive Sedan: It drives 3 passengers and 3 bags.
  • Lincoln MKT Town Car: This offers seating for 4 passengers and 4 bags.
  • Cadillac Escalade SUV: Holds 4 to 6 passengers, with 6 bags.
  • Chevrolet Suburban SUV: Holds 4 to 7 passengers and 7 bags.
  • GMC Yukon SUV: It’s capable of carrying 4 to 7 passengers and 7 bags.
  • VIP Executive Cadillac Escalade: Carries 4 to 6 passengers, and 6 bags.
  • Mercedes Sprinter: Carries 14 passengers and 14 bags.
  • Ford Transit: Carries 10 plus people and 10 plus bags.
  • Mercedes Limo Bus: Carries 13 passengers and 13 bags.
  • Minibus: Carries 24 passengers and 24 bags.
  • Luxury Bus: It carries 36 passengers and 36 bags.
  • MKT Stretch Limo: Carries 10 passengers and

Corporate Account Setup

The application is simple. On our site, you click on “apply for a corporate account.” Then download the form. Fill it out and email it to us at with a copy of your credit card and driver’s license. Make sure to send us a picture of the front and back. In the email, let us know if you want a direct monthly bill, or a pay per ride bill instead. We will send you a welcome package that highlights the policies and procedures. You’ll have a username and your password for online access. Ask us about any other details. We offer the highest level of service for corporate chauffeur services to you and your company.

Choosing the Right Supplier of Corporate Transportation Services in NYC

Call us at 1-718-836-5555 or go online at our website. Let us show you all the choices you have available for your next big event, meeting, or ride from one place to another for your clients. The level of care we offer is the best in the luxury transportation industry. Join our family of companies who use our corporate chauffeur services today, and we can be your professional fleet service right away.

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