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Wedding Transportation for a Summer Wedding

As The Knot points out, there is a lot to consider for transportation beyond the bride and groom. Here are the things to consider as you finish your plans and why you may consider broadening your transportation service.

Many couples are offering additional transportation to help make the wedding day run smoothly. It helps everyone arrive on time and together, and then helps get everyone home safely. This takes the risk out of allowing your guests to have a good time celebrating your big day.

Bride & Groom

The bride and groom are the two most important people to transport on the day of the wedding. You want to think about getting both of you to the ceremony, the reception, and then to your destination for the night.

When booking this, you also want to think about whether you will ride together to the ceremony, or separately. Consider how far in advance you need to be to the venue to get ready. There is also the question of how much stuff you need to transport with you to be sure the vehicle has plenty of room.

Bridal Party

Will the bridal party meet you at the ceremony and reception, or do you need to transport them also? If you provide the transportation, will they ride with you, or will they ride separately?

What about after the reception? Will they ride back to the hotel with you, or will they go separately? Will you provide transportation for them, or have them catch an Uber or Lyft?

VIP Guests

Next, consider other VIPs you will have at your wedding. Even if you aren’t offering transportation for all guests, there are a handful you may want to arrange for special transportation.

First, start with thinking about the parents of the bride and groom. Sometimes they will ride with the bridal party, but you may want to arrange for separate vehicles. Other VIPs you may want to consider include grandparents or great-grandparents and others.

Shuttle Service

Consider offering shuttle service from and to the hotel with your room block. You may want to consider a higher capacity option than you use for the bridal party.

However, many transportation services contract for hourly blocks, so you may be able to double-dip a little. In some cases, people may ride together from the ceremony to the reception. Then you may offer shuttle service from the reception back to the hotel with only a single vehicle.

Make the most of the time you pay to provide as much transportation as possible. Think through the vehicles you’ll need, and the time for which you’ll need them. If you choose to do multiple vehicles, you may only keep one to provide the shuttle service after the reception.

Ask about discounts for longer blocks or multiple vehicles. Sometimes a transportation company will offer a discount because there is no lag time between runs for their vehicles, which may make multiple vehicles more achievable.

Vehicle Options

Now that you’re thinking through how you might be able to use your wedding transportation, consider your vehicle options. Generally, you have three categories of vehicles from which to choose.

Classic Stretch Limo

The first vehicle most couples think about is the classic stretch limousine. This is commonly portrayed in romantic movies as the crème de la crème of wedding transportation.

Limos typically have seating for anywhere from eight to ten people. Depending on the model, they may only have doors at the far end or may have wing-type doors mid-vehicle. Be sure to ask about this when considering this kind of vehicle.

Consider how people will get in and out of the vehicle and how it may affect their clothing. Also, consider how much space you need for a change of clothes, luggage, and anything else for the wedding.

Limo Bus

Limo buses have become exceptionally popular for weddings simply because of their loading ease and extra space. The limo bus is generally a retrofitted Mercedes or Dodge Sprinter with an interior that feels like a limousine. These vehicles have room for up to about 13 passengers and more room for luggage than a stretch limo.

Shuttle Bus

Finally, is the luxury shuttle bus. These have leather seats, set up to safely transport small to large groups in comfort, with three sizes from which to choose.

The small size will generally accommodate up to 14 passengers when filled to capacity. The mid-size has room for up to 24, and the larger shuttle bus will accommodate up to 36.

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